What is the ‘Seven-Fold’ Nature of Healing?

The Seven-fold Nature of Healing

What does Rudolf Steiner mean when he describes our organs as an inner planetary system, the human being as a seven-fold metal, and that in anthroposophical medicine we heal with processes? Using Steiner’s physiological concept of the seven life processes as a starting point, we will work to understand how our bodies and our lives are shaped by them. During this weekend we will explore how with conscious effort we can use the life processes to better understand the rhythms in our relationships and in our work to become healthier.

mercury seal

“Offspring of all the Worlds! Thou in a form of light,

Firm framed by the Sun, with Luna’s might,

“Endowed with sounding Mars’ life-stirring hymns,

And swift-winged Mercury’s motion in thy limbs,

“Illum’d with royal Jupitar’s all-wiseness,

And grace-bestowing Venus’ loveliness-

“That ghostly Saturn’s old-world-memoried devoutness

Unto the world of Space and Time thee hallow!”

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